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Why so much traffic jam ?

Ever wondered why traffic jam builds up so quickly and seems to last forever ?

Here are few causes:

- Network Overload:

Too many cars, too little space.

- Road works:

Temporary lane closure: traffic needs to merge thus creating waiting lane.

Heavy vehicles approaching the area and slow down the traffic.

- Weather:

Flood: some lanes or the full road become unusable.

Heavy rain motorbikes stay under shelter/bridge and disrupting traffic.

- Vehicle Breakdown:

The vehicle in front of you does not move. That's it! You are stuck, need to change and disturb another lane.

The towing truck needs to arrive at site, and may take a while due to traffic. Once on site, it needs to secure area to perform towing operation and unstuck the traffic flow.

- Accident:

When vehicles are flipped over, it can take up to 3 lanes to recover, thus the traffic is heavily impacted.

When heavy vehicles such as buses or container trucks are involved, the recovery operation is even more intense and longer delay are expected.

- Bad parking:

When vehicles do not follow road regulations and start obstructing the roads, there is less space for vehicles to maneuver and they may have to merge and impact other lanes.

Do you absolutely need to use your own car?

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