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KPE tunnel Exit to Nicoll Highway closed after tipper truck accident and coursed 6 hrs shutdown

This is the exact situation you need 70 ton rotator towing truck. YMG had educate Singapore autholity to install it in Singapore, yet it not on road yet. It takes them more than 5 hers to recover, I had to say if we use YMG1075 it could had been ckear in less than 2 hrs.

SINGAPORE - A tipper truck was involved in an accident in the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) tunnel at around 10.50am on Monday (May 29), causing the exit to Nicoll Highway to be closed.

Photos sent by a Straits Times reader showed the truck tilted awkwardly on its left side as it blocked most of the exit.

Several motorists, who had stopped their vehicles behind the truck, were seen attempting to help the driver get out of his damaged vehicle.

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