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Low bed car carrier in Indonesia

Car carrier in Indonesia commonly called "Derek Gendung"

Mobil Derek Gendung "Car Carrier" in Indonesia

, it is very common to use Low bed car carrier but it is not commonly used in Indonesia at all. Let us call this as Low cost car carrier that they install deck and connect slope in order to load up vehicles from behind of lorries, it makes stretch Rear Over Hung (ROH) and All Over length (AOL) as well, it can be caused difficult maneuverability in heavy traffics likely Jakarta facing every day.

We would like to introduce YMG Low Bed car Carrier into Indonesia market, we are thinking to use Boniface and Japanese chassis aiming reliability in tough usage in this market. Since Indonesia is growing and more luxury vehicle owners are in Indonesia, there is a lot of demand yet no one has commit to introduced, we will break ice of it.

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